Key Characteristics

  • High Ageing resistance
  • Low odour
  • Free of emissions
  • Free of solvents
  • High adhesion to a wide variety of materials
  • No nozzle clogging
  • high softening point in the direction of vehicle standards

Products Description

Low volatile organic compound (VOC) and free of solvents Huger hot melt adhesives are modern products for use in furniture manufacturing as well as carpet fixation and lamination in automotive applications.

Beside Automotive interior adhesives Huger developed advanced formulated, high-performance automotive hot melt adhesive products and solutions for the car lamps and fog lights. Advance in formulation and knowledge, technical expertise, fast response to customer are why leading manufacturers choose us

Our Automotive hot melt adhesives are based on polymers such as SBS/SIS rubber, APAO and EVA.

  • Car Lapms
  • Car Carpeting
  • Car Air Filter



  Recommended grades


  Head/Rear lamps Sealant



  Combustion Air Filtering



  Cooler Air Filtering



  Interior carpeting



  Softening Point (©)

  Viscosity @ 180©


  Features & Benefits





  Great heat resistance , excellent operability





  High tensile strength , Long open time, suitable for a variety of





  Great bonding strength on wide range of materials





  High soften point, heat resistance over 120℃ , excellent