Our Key Advantages

Huger Hot Melts Adhesives provide customers with many advantages


The wide range of open times or bonding times results in flexibility for operation and operators. The adhesives were engineered for efficient and wide usage application.

Operation and Machining

Customized drying time according to application and machineries. Decreased operation temperature and high-quality materials minimizes maintenance costs.

Strength and durability

Products show high cohesion and adhesion when are applied in molten phase (hot tack) and when have been completed dried. According to application, our products show suitable peel strength and heat resistance.

Bonding for a diverse range of substrates

The products were formulated to be workable for different applications with different bonding energy such as, cardboard, difficult surfaces , deep-freeze conditions, hot surfaces, metalized packs, PE/PP film coated surfaces.

Safety and Appearance

Unlike other alternative water/solvent based glues that are hazardous and with risk of inflammation and wasting, in the other hand ,Hot Melt Adhesives are safe and easy to apply exactly where an adhesive is needed. Also in comparison with mechanical fasteners and sealing tapes, Hot Melt Adhesive’s bonds are virtually invisible between the mating surfaces.