O.P.P. Labeling

Key Characteristics

  •  Flexibilityy to the beverage container.
  •  No odor and smoke during using
  •  Advanced formulated for Fast and Slow machines
  •  Suitable different temperature ranges (-20 to 90 °)
  •  Desirable operation

Products Description

Huger has developed different polyolefin/rubber based Pressure-sensitive adhesives for labelling in the beverage industry that are suitable for hot, cold, and shrinkable plastic bottles.

Our O.P.P. labeling adhesives give high tack and adhesion strength also provide good performance for high capacity machines. (up to 38,000 bottles per hour).




  Machin Capacity

  Suitable GITACE HMA Grades

  Speed Machinery



  Speed Machinery

  Up to 38000 bottles/h



  Softening Point (©)

  Viscosity @ 180©


  Features & Benefits




  Water white

  General purpose , Good tackiness, Clean machining





  Good Lamination, Suitable for different atmosphere
  conditions, High Speed Machinery