Brief Introduction


Our Adhesives are in Harmony with Our Customers’ needs



Huger is the leading manufacturer of HOT MELT ADHESIVES that in some product categories has gained great reputation through the world.  Our business can be defined as selling Quality and this is the most sticking thing between us and our Customers and what keeps such relation is our Knowledge-based vision.

To keep our quality strategy and achieve breakthroughs, Huger was powered by experienced intelligent chemists and engineers beside advanced laboratorial facilities  and market oriented Research and Development plans.

In one word, we will open global window to our products and smart solutions with Our Quality strategy, Knowledge Based Innovations and Customer Oriented sales activities.

Our bonding solutions brightly are in hormony with our customer needs that show our Superior  class in Hot Melt’s international market. Huger covers a wide range of solutions in different industries that including EVA, SBC, APAO, MPO based hot melt adhesives under the grade name of SupriMelt.

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